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Donated Hilton Head vacation reunites Army medic with biological brothers

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Why support the critical work of Operation R&R?

Let our military families tell you why!

"We had a very memorable time! My husband was deployed to Afghanistan the past two Thanksgiving's and Christmas's, so to have my family all together in such a beautiful place and at no cost to us was wonderful! Thank you again for what you have done for our family!"

"The time spent as a family on HHI during my husband's 18 days of leave was magical! Enduring these 15 months apart is made easier because of the generous hearts of those who understand, and we can't thank you enough. The fact that you are out there to recognize us is so humbling and flattering."

"Our vacation to Hilton Head is the first real family vacation that our family has taken together. This trip to Hilton Head was exactly what we needed to reconnect after a deployment and really embrace the changes that happened while we were apart and a chance for us to make amazing memories. Everywhere we went on Hilton Head Island, the people were friendly. I cannot imagine a better place to vacation."

To learn more about the many ways you can support our military families click on one of the following giving options below. Thank you in advance for your support!

Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R

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