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Operation R & R
Donated Hilton Head vacation reunites Army medic with biological brothers

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Operation R & R
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Greeter Requirements

Contact the Family

Contact the family to welcome them to Operation R&R and to arrange a time to meet them when they come to the island.

Please call your assigned military family within 48 hours of receiving their name and contact information.

Verify that the family has emailed the information required by the rental company. The contract is necessary to be able to cover damages if they occur. No charge is made to the veteran for the lodging however.

Suggest that the family view the Directory provided on our website under Partners. During your call you may need to answer any questions the military family have about the island.

Contact the Property Owner

They will verify the lodging arrangements and tell you when the unit is available.

Pick-up the Key

Check-in time is between 4 and 6 PM and check-out is 10 AM. Let your military family know about these times.

At the same time of pick-up an Operation R&R gift bag will be provided to you. The gift bag contains food items, maps, Hilton Head Island information, the Operation R&R directory and other additional items. The directory includes information that explains the various discounts offered by our Participating Partners. This will be used frequently during the week by the military families as they identify themselves to participating merchants on the island. Look over the directory so you can understand its content enough to explain it to the military family. Please provide any additional information that you think would be helpful about the various recreational opportunities and restaurants.

You will find an ID card in the gift bag that we would like you to fill out in advance. The family will need to show this card in order to receive discounts as they visit our Participating Partner establishments listed in the directory. Please write the name of the family and list the specific number of family members. Include your name and phone number also. Please explain to the family that it will be necessary to show this card to the merchants to receive their discounts.

Also, please point out that there is a self-addressed, stamped thank you note in the gift bag. Make sure that the address of the rental company and the villa number are on the envelope. Ask the military family to write a note to the homeowner about their experience on Hilton Head and drop it off in the mailbox and leave the keys in the unit.

Meet the Family

The day of arrival meet the family at the chosen location and escort them to the assigned villa or home. You will present them with their gift bag and explain the way the gift program works.

Please let the military family know about special events that may be taking place on the island during their stay.

Check to see if the literature in the tote is current.

If children are involved, let the family know of the opportunities at the Art Cafe and The Sandbox.

If the adults want to have a spa treatment while they visit the island, reservations must be made in advance of their arrival or as soon as they arrive on the island.

Once the family is settled into their unit and they understand how to navigate the island, it is suggested that you exit. They have, by necessity, become very self-sufficient. However please remain available by phone to give assistance if needed.  A follow-up phone call before they leave would also be a nice touch. And, do not feel obligated to invite them out for a meal as they are here to strengthen family bonds.

Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R

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