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Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Donated Hilton Head vacation reunites Army medic with biological brothers

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Operation R & R
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Board Members

    Grant Evans, Founder and CEO

    Dr. Grant Evans, the Founder and CEO, started Operation R&R with his wife Mia, in early 2008. Living on Hilton Head Island, near the Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Bases in Savannah, and seeing the strain on the faces of these military family members who have been apart for so long. Grant and his wife felt that something needed to be done.

    Prior to being recently involved on a full time basis with Operation R&R, Grant owned and operated a large and successful Chiropractic practice in Columbus, Ohio for the past 30 years. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and then attended Chiropractic School for five years in Chicago, Illinois.

    The last five years, Grant has started and successfully built the Operation R&R organization into one of the largest and most successful nonprofits on Hilton Head Island. Due to the success and the tremendous need nationally for "military family support", the decision was made to move forward to establish other Afffiliate Chapters of ORR across the country.

    Grant and his wife Mia of 32 years still split time between South Carolina and Ohio. They both have and continue to do volunteer work for Kairos International, a men and womens Chrisitan Prison Ministry.


    Email: grant@orrusa.org

Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R

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